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Green Insulated Concrete Forms & Building Materials

MillenniumBlok® is a modern green building material that is lightweight,sustainable, scalable and incredibly easy to install. Using our patented green manufacturing techniques that utilize recycled materials, MillenniumBlok® Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF’s) are one of the the most environmentally conscious and cost effective building & construction options on the market today.

Build Stronger with MillenniumBlok Insulated Concrete FormsMillenniumBlok® is an Insulated Concrete Form that is uniquely designed with a patented interconnected concrete octagonal shaped cell system which offers a wall structure 80% stronger than similar cylindrical shaped cell systems.

Build Greener with MillenniumBlok Insulated Concrete FormsMillenniumBlok® is a light-weight Insulated Concrete Form system made from a proprietary process that uses a composition of 85%+ recycled material, cement and environmentally friendly additives.

Build Better with MillenniumBlok Insulated Concrete FormsThe MillenniumBlok® ICF is adaptable to any extreme environment, can be constructed by local unskilled labor for installation, is cost effective and adaptable to almost any architectural & cultural requirements.

Environmentally Designed Insulated Concrete Forms

MillenniumBlok® can and has been used in a wide range of applications from low cost housing in third world countries, to multi–million dollar residential, commercial, government, and industrial applications. MillenniumBlok® has also been thoroughly tested and approved for use by state, national, and international governmental agencies for multi-purpose uses.

MillenniumBlok® ICF In The Wild

MilleniumBlok® has been used in over two thousand construction projects over the years, where it has proved to be flexible, cost effective, and durable commercial and residential structures. Click the images below ti view some real world examples of MillenniumBlok® in use across a multitude of building designs. MillenniumBlok® ICF can be used in everything from luxury homes to government facilities in almost any climate and region.

Key Features of MillenniumBlok®

MillenniumBlok® offers a unique solution – a sturdy and reliable building material that is extremely cost effective especially when compared to traditional building techniques. The product is flexible but reliable, easy to install but impervious to many pitfalls of conventional construction. Unskilled labor, with no more than basic hand tools, can install MillenniumBlok®.